Derrick Rose does have a refreshing personality, but don't think that he hates his status as a celebrity

So, by now I’m sure that all of the Chicago Bull’s fans and anyone following basketball closely has read the article in GQ magazine about Derrick Rose.  How he was born and raised in the Englewood area, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods on Chicago’s South Side and now he’s made it to the NBA and is the Bull’s MVP and was the NBA MVP in 2011.  Yeah, that’s all fine and good, but I’m not buying the part where everyone is saying that Rose hate’s being a celebrity.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Derrick Rose.  I’m not an avid NBA fan who has to watch every game and can’t handle it when the Bull’s lose or any team for that matter, but I love to watch players like Rose who can do things like this.  He’s constantly making me say, “wow.”  So, don’t comment on this post and tell me I’m just a hater.  The only thing that I’m saying is that Derrick Rose does not hate being a celebrity.  Why?  He said that during an article in GQ magazine.  If you hate being a celebrity, you would have declined that interview.  Yes, I’m aware of what he says later in the article about declining to talk to media after his first game back in two weeks and he said that, “I just couldn’t do it. There were so many people.”  I’m still saying he doesn’t hate being a celebrity.  You don’t hate being a celebrity when you use your status as one to get a 14 year, 260 million dollar deal with Adidas.  What it sounds like he actually hates, is being overwhelmed by people and having new rules in his life because he is a celebrity.  Rose talks about it in the GQ article when he says it gets on his nerves when people tell him that he can’t go certain places (most likely where safety is an issue).  The language he uses when he talks about why he blew off media that day when he said he couldn’t do it because there were too many people.  That more sounds like he hates the pestering and new boundaries he can’t cross.  He also says this in GQ about speaking at one of Obama’s fundraising events: “That was my first time ever speaking to that type of crowd. I was so nervous and scared. Just a two- or three-minute thing, but, like, thousands of people were there. I was nervous as hell…but I got it done, and it helped me being more vocal, too, by doing that.”

Now I’m not saying that this is a bad thing.  I just wanted to clear things up.  I do agree that it is refreshing that a player isn’t concerned with making sure the media gets his every thought.  I do want to remind you however, like this writer, that Rose isn’t squeaky clean.  Let’s not forget that Rose and Calipari cost Memphis 38 wins from it’s Final Four season in 2007-08.  I will continue to root for Rose, however.  I love his intensity, his determination (during an interview with Chicago Bulls owner, Jerry Reinsdorf, Rose was asked what was one thing that he hated most about college basketball.  His answer: Losing.)  and his fantastic play.  I’m just not going to buy into this, “Derrick Rose hates being a celebrity” thing that other writers are.


Rally Squirrel strikes again

Cardinals World Series Ring

The Rally Squirrel didn’t just make it onto the field during the National League Division series, it has now made it onto the St. Louis Cardinals World Series rings.  The ring features a squirrel running across home plate just as it did during Skip Schumaker’s at bat during the playoffs when Roy Oswalt was delivering a pitch.  The ring also has 50 rubies and 103 diamonds along with another piece of last year’s Cardinal inside humor which is the phrase “Happy Flight.”  That one-liner comes via shortstop Rafael Furcal who began the saying because of the success that the Cardinals had last year on the road.  Also on the ring are the logos of all of the teams that the Cardinals beat during the post season and the years of all of the previous Cardinals championships.

The Cardinals aren’t releasing the price tag of the rings.

St. Louis Blues

Another team in St. Louis is trying to bring a championship to the city.  The St. Louis Blues beat the San Jose Sharks 3-0 in the Western Conference playoffs.  That ties the series at 1-1.  Now the young team is heading to the HP Pavilion Center for a two-game series.  After a couple of real violent games in St. Louis, don’t be surprised if the Sharks make things even harder for the Blues in San Jose when they’re on home ice.  A couple of sports writers have been talking about how, in hockey, hard hits just a part of the game and the fans definitely love that, but during this first round of playoff series there have been several hits that have appeared to been attempts to injure the opposing player.  That’s becoming a problem and is starting fights even in this Western Conference series.  Here’s to hoping that on-ice officials can get order restored and a couple of players don’t have their career ended by a cheap-shot this post season.

Chiefs giving away jerseys

Since this is their 50th year in Kansas City, the Chiefs decided they are going to give a little back to their dedicated fan base.  If you are a season ticket holder or plan on opening a new account to do such, the Kansas City Chiefs will give you a personalized Nike Chiefs jersey for free.  Not only that, but you can also get additional jerseys for a discounted price.  Each season ticket holder can choose the name, number and size for their jersey and it will come with a commemorative season-ticket holder patch that can be placed on the right shoulder, opposite of the Lamar Hunt AFL patch.  If you are a season ticket holder, you can go to to get your free jersey.

New MU Jerseys

20,000 fans showed up to Mizzou’s Black and Gold game not only to see the practice game, but to also see the new Nike designed uniforms.  Even though some fans are talking about how they miss the old M on the side of the helmet and love tradition, Bryan Burwell of the St. Louis Post Dispatch has said what every marketing official has been for a while.  It’s not about the old traditionalists, it’s about the possible incoming freshman and recruits.  In Burwell’s article he says he caught up with Sean Weatherspoon, MU alum and starting linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons, and Weatherspoon said one of his friends asked him what he thought of the new uniforms.  To which he replied, “I told him, ‘All you need to know about what I think about them is that DGB signed because of them, OK?'”  He of course is talking about Dorial Green-Beckham from Hillcrest high school in Springfield, Missouri.  He set state records (breaking his own old records) with 2,233 yards on 119 catches with 24 touchdowns and also set state records for receiving yards in a game with 354 and TD catches in a career with 72.  So, it sounds like the new jerseys will be here to stay and it’s get with them or get lost.

Royals swept at home opening series

The Kansas City Royals lost 13-7 to the Cleveland Indians Sunday night and the Indians spoil the Royals home opening series with a clean sweep.  Early on in the third inning the tone was set when second baseman Chris Getz made a good play on a grounder when he appeared to have thrown out Cleveland’s Michael Brantley on a close call at first, but Brantley was called safe.  The home crowd booed the call and Royals starter Luis Mendoza was eventually hit for six runs in the inning.  That out would’ve been the last, but unfortunately for the Royals who were leading the game at the time 3-0, it was Cleveland who got the break.  The Royals next game won’t be any easier as they stay home and host the Detroit Tigers who will trot out 2011 American League Cy Young Winner and Most Valuable Player Justin Verlander to start the game for them.  The Royals will start Danny Duffy.

Coaches like Petrino aren't being the role models we should all want them to be for our student athletes

I began to think about it when I read a headline on The Onion. What are coaches teaching today’s students? Not much good. We have Rex Ryan cursing like a sailor, Bobby Petrino, cheating on his wife with an assistant, Jerry Sandusky allegedly having sexual conduct with children and Joe Paterno neglecting to tell anyone the allegations he had been told.  During the days after, there were students demanding he have his job back and upset at the decision to release him.  I thought Penn State made an appropriate decision to release Paterno.  If a coach has any inkling at all his students are in danger or think his staff is causing harm to children, he has an ethical obligation to bring it to his superior’s attention.  Being a former student athlete myself, I can tell you that I looked up to my coaches as role models and due to their advice and discipline, I try to be a model citizen as best I can.  Do I curse?  Yeah, I definitely do, and probably too much.  But do I do it in front of children or when I’m in a professional setting where it would look tacky?  No, I don’t.  For that matter I’m also not an arrogant jerk who’s ruining his locker room more and more with every guaranteed super bowl win.  That’s beside the point though. I realize that no one is a perfect role model, but I would love to see a better effort though.  Isn’t that what every coach preaches to their players?